Millennial Mentorship

If you’ve ever been inspired or motivated by my work I encourage you to take a deeper look at this opportunity!

If you are not familiar with my work I encourage you to browse around my website to get a better idea of who I am and what I can offer to you.



The inspiration to create this service came from the MASSIVE amount of people that have told me I’ve inspired, motivated or influenced them since starting this blog back in October of 2017. While I’ve only been blogging for a total of 7 months, I have been an influence on women and men all over the world.

My blog is currently in more than 55 countries and I receive thousands of views per month, with that being said. The proof is in my work.

I’ve always been the one to take charge and I always desired MORE out of life.  In my previous jobs, I had a passion for taking on roles of leadership. I didn’t want to be told what to do, I wanted to be running the show. Later I concluded I was actually better than that… I began to realize I had what it took to be in charge of my own life. With that being said my mindest =BOSS.

I established myself at the age of 19, securing my own apartment and purchasing my first brand new car at the age of 20. My ambition and passion are recognized by many. 

While my life isn’t perfect (No ones is) I am making exceptional strides in life considering all that I’ve been through and it’s only getting better. 

It’s not about having the degree, fancy car, big house or even millions in your bank account. It’s about having the WISDOM as well as EXPERIENCE to acknowledge and implement CHANGE. 

And that’s what I can offer to you

Together we will work towards you becoming the best version of yourself.





$8.99 Per Phone session- 45 Minutes 


Highlighted goals-  Discuss strategies, goals, focus on personal, mental development etc.





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Disclosure: I am not a licensed therapist, physician, counselor, doctor etc and I cannot medically diagnose or treat you. I use my knowledge along with life experiences to help guide you the best way I can. Services provided are designed for you to access an additional line of support to motivate and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.