Understanding your brand: How to create effective content your audience loves

So just a few months ago it dawned on me that I didn’t know my blog/ biz as much as I thought I did. I knew the basics, like who my audience was, products that were doing well and the direction that my blog was headed, but that wasn’t all to it. I needed to understand the metrics, look deeper into the numbers. I needed in- depth clarity about my audience so I could put out targeted content and learn how to utilize my time better to actually produce content that converted!

Just as I was starting to make lead way as a brand spanking- new online entrepreneur and felt like I could manage the way I was going, I quickly realized that was far from the truth and it was time I dug a little deeper to understand my blog and business so I could work more efficiently.

The question is, how do you create content that is time/ cost effective that your audience will love right?

A monthly or quarterly blog audit!

Trust me, if you’ve never done a blog audit you absolutely need to if you’re having trouble targeting your traffic and getting more people to read or buy your content/products! Doing this helped me and now I’m seeing more views to my blogs because I’m writing content that my audience takes interest in and can benefit from! Keep reading to learn the benefits of doing an audit and how you can too! Game changer!

What is an audit?

An audit is going to consist of you breaking down your blog or business by your analytics to get a better understanding of who you serve and what products or content is doing the best, that way you can find common ground in where you spend your time creating and prove to yourself what is MOST effective for the growth of your brand. I recommend using a white board or a notepad to document or create a google doc etc! You want to be able to track the progress you’ve made on the next audit.


The first step is :Understanding your analytics

Your analytics aren’t solely for the purpose of seeing how many people visited your blog. It’s a powerful tool to really help you understand your audience, when you understand your audience you understand you’re WHY. When you open your stats and conduct your quarterly audit you should be paying attention to 2 things:

  • The demographic of your audience- Gender, age, location etc

  • Most popular product or content

With these 2 pieces of information, you can determine:

  • Who is viewing your content

  • What people are interested in the most

When you gather this information from your stats it will help you revaluate your audience to figure out what they need and what you should be creating to fit their needs!

Conducting this blog audit a few months back really helped me bring light to the direction of my blog content and product. I began to understand that I wasn’t really paying attention to what they liked, instead creating what I thought they’d like.


Product VS Profit

No more waisting time, gain clarity about your biz and what deserves your energy. Prioritize your goals and work through them that way. The data within your audit will show what’s effective, and what’s bringing in the results, make sure you pay close attention to it and notate everything within the last 4 months time. You want an overview of itemized content and product so you can make CENTS on your profits and time!

Don’t hackle yourself making new product after new product or going way out there searching for blog titles. Work with what your audience already loves and re-create and repurpose content from that!

Implement a strategy, then create the intention.

Honor your time and energy by only creating products or content that is selling or being noticed!

When you’re done your quarterly blog audit you should be ready to implement a new and improved business strategy.


PRO TIP: Marketing is about 2 things:

Representation and clarity -You have to be clear on what your marketing in the first place and your brand representation needs to back that up. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, you just have to do what works for you. For a while it could be trial and error so remember that and be patient.


Your blog audit should absolutely consist of:

  • Your blog/ biz stats for the last 4 months

  • Analyzing and understanding your audience demographics

  • Evaluation of what content/ products are proven to bring in results!

    Notate everything in as much detail as possible and be sure to conduct another audit in 3-4 months time!

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