Should your business be on TikTok? THIS is how to 2x your engagement + revenue

Let's just jump right into it. If you are not on TikTok, you’re missing OUT! I know YOU know  that TikTok is the MOST popular and preferred social media platform right now. 

TikTok is on fire! 

Business owners, Bloggers, and Content Creators are constantly looking to find ways to grow their business, get more followers and engagement, generate sales and traffic online. I know that many creators/ biz owners may not be thrilled at the idea of joining another social platform or getting in front of the camera to create video content, I get that.

There was a point in time where I was SO AFRIAD to create video content for my brand. Is that you? If so, know that you are not alone. BUT, video content can be transformational for your brand if you take the time to utilize it AND create a strategy behind it. 

 In this blog post, we will talk about the benefits to TikTok and how to market your brand biz to double your results, increase visibility by going viral, and generate passive income in sales. 


Reels/ Tiktok have helped TONS of brands and small businesses get their brand MORE visibility, subsequently driving in more revenue!

The tip to creating good video content that can go viral is not that hard if you stay consistent and follow this simple rule…

👉🏽Create content around sounds that are ALREADY trending!

And if you're bold enough, take part in trending challenges! Some examples that come to mind are the silhouette challenge with the audio used from Doja cat’s hit song “Streets.” 


Now I’m not saying to take part in every challenge because every challenge may not be appropriate for every brand. But the ones you feel comfortable doing, absolutely do it! Even think about ways to put your own little spin on it too!

👉🏽Another tip along with creating video content with viral sounds is to also use the name of the challenge in the form of a hashtag and keeping the original audio!

This allows you to reach tons of people that are viewing that specific challenge helping EXPAND your reach, views, engagement and more!

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What if I told you that TikTok has made marketing your brand way easier than Instagram has? 🤔

Instagram is forever making changes that no one has asked for, making it harder for businesses to maximize their growth on the platform. Instagram’s latest update that’s still in the works is focused on making the platform more video based focused to keep up with their “competitor” TikTok! 

The key to generating website traffic, growing your brand biz, and sales on TikTok is to post quality video content that you know people will want to see and posting 2x a day!

If you're really, really focused on Tiktok growth, post 2x a day for 14 days and just see where that takes you! I guaranteed your numbers will be out the roof!

Business owners, content creators, bloggers, and influencers must get comfortable with creating video content if you want to see an INCREASE in your reach and overall engagement! 👏🏽

Video is king and it's slowly taking the place of photos. If you still aren't convinced that TikTok is the best marketing tool for your biz, let me show you how I 3x my traffic + sales…💰


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I created content around my products to inform my audience how I could help them!

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Aren't you tired of relying on one single platform to achieve results? It's time to maximize your BAG and REACH by joining TikTok!

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You can leverage TikTok to grow your brand biz 

Make your content go viral

Gain more followers, views, likes

Generate website traffic and sales

Make passive income and additional revenue

Be comfortable with creating content that converts and gets you results 

Turn your content into coins


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