How to pick good hashtags on Instagram that convert into traffic and build connections

Using hashtags has seemed to die down over the years with less people finding a use for them but the reality is, if you're not using hashtags, you could be missing out on connections, followers, brand visibility and more! Using hashtags are very much still popular and still relevant and if you’re a content creator, you should absolutely be using them! While some may do better than others, the reality is, if you take time to think of good captions they can convert! Let’s say the hashtags you use only drives about 5 people, but from that, you gain a like or follow, guess what? That’s better than nothing! You never know who it will be to come across your page. Traffic is traffic! Just from using a few hashtags to my posts on Instagram, I’ve been able to get likes, shares, follows and has allowed me to build real connections! I met one really cool girl from a single hashtag and because of that, she commented on my post inquiring about being a guest speaker on my podcast (which turned out to be a VERY POPULAR episode) liked some of my photos, followed me and now months later, we are friends and talk on the phone often!


Here’s some results of a recent photo I posted of myself, almost 50% of my engagement came from using hashtags!

how to pick good hashtags on Instagram


This photo was posted on Instagram a few weeks ago, but I still manage to get new likes and follows and I'm certain it’s from the hashtags I chose!

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  • You should choose hashtags that are relevant to your industry or niche (food blogger, MUA etc)

  • You should choose hashtags that are current to your location (NYC blogger, NY hairstylist)

  • You should choose hashtags that aren’t being used the most



The reason why you want to use hashtags that have a lower usage is because you want to have a chance or opportunity for your content to actually be seen and not drowned by larger accounts who’s content may get pushed first. Using a popular hashtag like #blogger may not work in getting eyes on your post because sooo many people are using it. When you’re ready to pick your hashtags, you’ll see other options populate relative to what you're looking for. Go through the list and find tags that have a lower usage count, doing that will increase the chances of people finding you and seeing your content! Below is an example.


I typed in #newblogger and got these results.

how to use hashtags to increase your engagement and drive traffic



I’d probably pick #newbloggerintown #newbloggeralert and the rest below that! Hashtags with lower use will perform better in helping you convert because less people are using them which again, gives you more leverage to be seen!



Hashtags are not restricted to a certain post, and I say that because I thought that at one point. I wouldn’t use hashtags on photos of myself etc, I thought why? I should probably just stick to using them on content related posts and that’s just not the best practice! Use hashtags on ALL of your instagram posts. Even if it's a picture of a coffee, yourself, clothes etc. By using hashtags on all of your posts, you give yourself the opportunity to maximize your traffic and engagement, don’t leave anything on the table! Make sure the hashtags you use are relative to your post!



I recently started using hashtags in my story and that primarily was because I didn’t want to clutter my story with tags. I learned a cool hack from another blogger and that’s using hashtags in your story but hiding them! Yes, you can hide hashtags in your story! All you have to do is make the font the same color as your background and poof they're gone! This is a good way to get more people looking at your story.



To get the most out of hashtags I use the max amount Instagram allows which is 30. You can use less than 30 hashtags but no more than 30, Instagram doesn't allow you to go over that amount!

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Using hashtags on your posts are a great way to increase engagement, but what if you could boost that? This has helped me grow my following and increase my engagement so I highly recommend trying it!

  • After you use a hashtag, go back to your post and click on some of the tags. You’ll be able to see other accounts who have used those hashtags, if their content interests you, follow them! More than likely they used the hashtags for the same reason you did and that was to increase their visibility and grow their following with like-minded people!

Another hashtag tip if your looking to connect with other like minded creators etc or people within your niche, industry is to:

  • Follow the hashtags you use! With this feature, you can stay updated with posts and other content relative to your niche! Once you follow the hashtag, you’ll see those posts pop up on your feed! When you do be sure to engage such as leaving a genuine comment and or following that account. If you decide not to follow, leaving a comment is a great idea because it allows their audience to see it which gives you more visibility to your page as well, and if you share the same niche, they might be interested in your page or content!

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Read this post if growing your blogging tribe is your goal!

Use these tips for your personal or brand page and watch the results! I hope this helped you understand how you can use hashtags on your Instagram to convert more engagement and build connections! Let me know if this helped you in the comments!

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