Creative hacks to boost your IG story views and increase engagment

Don’t underestimate stories or the power of those cool features/ add-ons they have! If you're consistent in using them, you should see a big improvement in your views plus engagement to your Instagram stories! If you’re like me, you probably just used stories to share photos, memes, and quotes you found relatable, I get that! But… there’s another side of stories I want you to tap into that could help you build connections, engagement, and boost brand visibility! If you're a blogger, YouTuber, entrepreneur, content creator of any sort and you want to improve your views and engagement on Instagram stories keep on reading for some simple hacks you can implement now that will help give you results and change the dynamic of HOW people view and interact with your brand stories!

When you're creating stories for your brand, you want to be sure that you’re telling a story to your followers, it’s not called stories for nothing!

Stories are multi-purposeful so get creative as possible and think outside the box so you can create interesting content your followers WON’T SKIP by! Below are some content strategies/ ideas you can use when creating engaging posts to your stories. ⬇️

  • Behind the scenes. Show yourself working, creating, doing a photo shoot, etc 

  • Show/ inform them about what’s new and upcoming on your website 

  • Give an opportunity to ask your audience what kind of stories/ blogs/products they like and what they want to see. (This can be multi-purposeful in engaging your audience as well as helping you understand what content they enjoy best from you!)

  • Get personal and show them inside your life, hobbies, a day with you, etc

  • Funny, relatable memes, gifs, quotes, trending news, etc. You don’t have to be all business, definitely mix it up and give your audience something they can laugh at or share! That’s engagement as well!

Before I jump into it the creative hacks to help you increase your IG story views,  if you're not sure how to access these features do this: 

1.Create any kind of post by clicking your photo on your IG page.

2.Tap the smiley sticker in the top right corner and you will see a variety of options.


Creative hacks to engage your audience and get more viewers to your IG stories

  • POLLS- Ask your audience's opinion about a product/ service/ an outfit/ meal etc using the poll feature! Get completely creative with it! I like using this feature often! It’s a fun way to engage your audience and get their feedback or even get a sense of WHO they are by their likes/ dislikes. You can also take it a step further and share the results as well! People like to see that as well plus you may get more interactions/ conversation when the votes are all in!

  • QUIZ- Offer quizzes to your audience to get active! You can host quizzes for anything just like with the polls! The difference with this one is your audience will be able to choose options and get notified if it was right or wrong! It's great for “about me questions” and seeing how much your audience knows about you, your brand, hobbies, etc. You can also use quizzes for guessing your product prices, equipment, and more! When you post it might help to think of what you're posting first and look at which feature goes best or try to see what you can make out of it!

  • QUESTIONS - This is a great option for service and product based creators. It allows you to first, reach people where they probably spend most of their time on Instagram. If you have a great product/ service/ brand identity offering “ Ask me a question” might be a great opportunity for your followers to know more about what you do/sell and how you can help them OR an opportunity to get to know you better! 

Pro tip: Use this feature every so often as an incentive when you are about to launch a new product/ special content and let your followers know your DM’s will be open for questions on your feed!!

  • MUSIC- Use music on some of your favorite still images or boomerangs! I noticed a dramatic difference in views and engagement when I added music! It catches people’s attention and will make them stop and see what your post is all about, especially if it's a GOOD song. Use some of the songs that are already there or type in one of your favorite songs in the search!

  • GIFS/ STICKERS- I mean who doesn't love a good gif! They have so many these days!n From funny, quirky, cute, informative, you have TONS of options and I’m certain you can find some good ones to match with your brand content. The goal is to make it POP! Whether it’s humorous, entertaining, etc. Gifs have been a great feature for me in my stories that has allowed my message to stand out! A good gif could be the make or break for getting a response from your followers! Use them! I love using the funny ones but I also like using “ New content, new blog post” etc  when I share new blog posts!

  • HASHTAGS- Yes, you can use hashtags in your stories! If you want to hide them ( I recommend if it’s more than 1) just create your hashtags and place them behind your image OR make them the same color as your background! Using hashtags can get your stories on popular hashtag stories which mean more eyes on your content! My post made it to the explore page and when I noticed it, I shared it on my story, used the #explore hashtag and it got over 15 viewers alone the last time I checked it! Using hashtags in your stories can be a useful tool to get more visibility and engagement!

  • STORY REACTIONS- Did you know that you can change the emoji on this feature? Well, you can! I use the emoji heart eyes bar on photos of me, food I share, cool things I see, etc. If you want to change the emoji on the bar, all you have to do is: Select it, and below you’ll see a variety of emojis. Choose the fire, clap, or laughter, etc. Use this feature to engage your audience and get reactions out of fun content you post!


Bonus tip: When you post something you KNOW people will love and enjoy watching, create a post on your feed re-directing them to your stories! In that post, let them know WHAT you’ll be posting and why they should tune in. Creating a post on your feed will help you reach additional viewers to your stories!

Experimenting with all of the above increased my Instagram story views by almost 40%!! I hope these tips help you to implement a new strategy so you obtain more engagement and views to your blog/brand stories! 

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