4 Simple tips to get more engaged listeners to your podcast

Podcasts are on the rise, and more and more people are finding interest in tuning into the latest or most popular pods. With so much competition out there, you don’t want your podcast to fall through the cracks! Standing out with a unique podcast name, image and description is always a great start along with maintaining consistency so people can actually get a chance to know who you are and what your podcast is all about. In this blog we’ll get into 4 simple tips to help you get more engaged listeners to your podcast that way you can start getting the traffic and listeners you deserve! Launch your own successful podcast here!


  • Audit your bio/ description: Use Keywords that people might be searching for in your description and in episodes. Use tags as well on the Anchor app if you use that provider. Doing that will help you attract more targeted and engaged listeners. Help your audience understand what it is you can offer to them, get descriptive about the kinds of things you talk about etc. Confirm to your audience in your bio/ description that this podcast is for them! Example: “A podcast for new moms who are juggling entrepreneurship and everything in between. “A podcast for college students who want to learn how to create multiple streams of income.”

  • Set up a podcast recording day and posting day. Create a schedule that works for you and maintain consistency to attract more listeners to your podcast. The more people that listen will increase the chances of others leaving rating and reviews on your podcast. The more reviews you’re able to get, the higher you can rank and the more people will find your podcast! If you’re having trouble getting reviews, ask your guest, family, friends and followers to simply leave you one! You’ll be surprised at how many people would be willing to leave you an authentic review if you just ask!


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  • Transcribe your podcast with Anchor, wave etc or take snippets from a great part of the show and turn the audio into a customized video. Upload this to all of your social media accounts to get more people engaged and listening to your podcast before they have to click your link!


    PRO TIP:

    You can transcribe your podcast for free only on the desktop version of Anchor.com! It’s a cool feature and definitely worth checking out! They’ll customize your transcription to match your brand colors and all!


  • Host frequent guest on your podcast! More guest means more listeners because those people will share it with their audience! Most people are always happy to tell their family and friends that they’ve just had an interview so reach out to people you think would be a good fit to talk about things that fall within your niche! Create a graphic with their picture, podcast title etc and be sure to send them the direct link to your show and tag them on all platforms. Consider asking other podcasters if they’re looking for special guest as well! Don’t be afraid to create opportunities for yourself!



    Try your best to eliminate rambling in the very beginning of your podcast, introduce yourself and jump right into a brief overview of what you’ll be discussing today. You don’t want your listeners to leave because you took 15 minutes to reach your point. Most times people decide to tune into your podcast in the first place is because they believe you can offer a solution to their problem. Address that immediately to RETAIN your listeners attention and to keep your listener engaged! Stick to the topic at hand and give them their solution, earn a subscriber!

I have recorded 2 seasons on my show, (approaching the 3rd season) have reached over 7,500 + downloads, have featured over 10 guests on my podcast and made money from my podcast, and that came with implementing the tips above and most of all believing in my brand!

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