Why You Mad Sis?

It’s generational, understandable, but when will we let it go? When will we love ourselves enough not to fear the next woman? My accomplishments make you reflect on the ones you haven’t started? My beauty makes you uncomfortable?

I can’t relate. I’ve never been the one…

I’ve always had open arms around you salty ass bitches. 

EVEN WHEN I PEEPED I STILL SHOWED LOVE. Ain’t no hate in my body. I LOVE to see my sisters doing the damn thing. Like yas sis, get money, yas sis travel, yas sis get married, yas sis open up shop! YASSSSSSSS!

There was females I didn’t necessarily like in high school but that was YEARS AGO and I ain’t holding no kiddie grudges. I’m under your pic like “Aww you’re so pretty sis”

Fuck you mean!!? If I see the next woman winning or feel like I like what I see I’ma let you know! WHETHER I KNOW YOU PERSONALLY OR NOT.

“I’ma do that anyway cuz that’s just how I am”

images (1)

Ya’ll vibe just screams “I’M MAD and sadly ya’ll can’t even hide it!

Ladies, have you ever met a woman and wanted to be cool with her and then you start talking and you realize by just looking at her face that she big mad?

I see right through ya’ll.

BUT, for some weird reason in the past I’ve tolerated female friends who ENVIED ME FOR YEARS. It’s like I peep, but in the back of my mind I’m like nah, I’m bugging because I didn’t want to believe it. If you a REAL one, there will be no jealously, no competition, or hate etc between us. Real friends root for each other, hype each other up, support each other and LOVE each other.

Ya’ll can’t even share a damn Facebook post…

source (2).gif


So we had got a new girl at my job and I was telling her about my website and she was like, “Okk, I’ll definetly check it out, I’m share it on facebook and all that too.”


I wasn’t necessarily happy that she was sharing it but more thankful that she even had the mindset that to want to help me you know? Thats’ so dope to me when you meet other females that just wanna see you win, even a better feeling when they are STRANGERS.

source (3).gif

But, nah foreal tho, speaking on behalf of all my creatives, why is it that our “friends” don’t show us love to our craft? WHY WE GOTTA ASK??? Cause I mean, I’m expecting support to be an automatic quality of our friendship, but that’s just me though…

I feel like if you have those kinds of friends they not really your friends. More like your enemy.

Am I being dramatic? I hope not because I’m a deep thinker and I pull back layers on everything.

So if you claiming you somebody friend and you DON’T support their craft, vision etc then you a hater point blank period. YOU SEE IT, CLICK THE DETAILS, EXIT OUT OF IT BUT SHARE EVERYTHING ELSE. YOU LOOK AT MY PICTURES AND SCROLL PAST THEM THEN TELL ME WHEN YOU SEE ME YOU LIKED MY OUTFIT. Deep down inside you hate my vision, my dreams etc which means you hate ME.


It’s love or nothing.

You a opp.

tenor (1).gif

The worst of them all is the females who simply hate you over A MAN. And most times he DUSTY ANYWAYS!


Ya’ll be fighting over liars and cheaters and you ready to fight the next woman to win that???



Men have the bro code, you know, “Bros over hoes” and they honor that shit. Why don’t us females have that same mentality? Iv’e had friends choose a man, (that ain’t even THEIR MAN) over our friendship! THIS THE SAME MAN YOU CRYING OVER SIS. THE SAME MAN YOU CALLING ME TO VENT AND GET ADVICE ABOUT.

But the moment he tell your goofy ass he outside you dipping off on me,



I’m just saying doe….

Nah foreal, we in this shit together, I mean that’s how it SHOULD BE. If you need me I’M THERE, and I expect you to do the same! I’m not letting no temporary man come between our friendship because men COME AND GO.

And like I said, most times he dusty anyways.


Conclusively, we REALLY need to start coming together instead of hating on one another or breaking one another down. That shit isn’t cool, we are literally ALL WE GOT. Instead of hating or envying the next woman why don’t you instead put your feelings aside and see how you can get like her. She got clear skin, long hair, good credit, a husband, get to know her and understand her, maybe you can learn something. Anything I know I’m MORE than happy to share with my sisters. I will tell a female in a second this is a wig lmaoo and I will definitely tell you where I got it from too.


There’s a lot of women out there who I feel act the way they do because of their own insecurities and a lack of confidence. If you really feel that way you need to make some friends that’s gonna boost you, but you need to DROP THE HATE AND BEGIN TO LOVE FIRST.

giphy (10).gif


28 thoughts on “Why You Mad Sis?

  1. I love this you so real. I can relate to this post 100% a. I I legit always felt like I had to be quiet about my sucsss around other people. Or people would say foul shit to to me and tell me that they said it to ” humble me ” I’m humble but I’m always gonna feel myself. If I don’t who else will? But its like people hate to see you confident. People also do not support your craft but will want you to support them. I feel this post on another level females do be haiting and it’s sad.

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  2. I liked it before I even finished reading! I’m over the saltiness.. over nothing! These women don’t know me and really have no reason to dislike me, yet here we are. I live for the day it all ends.

    Great post!

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    1. Hahahaa thank you sis! And I agree it’s SO annoying but to be honest I’m over it. I already started making NEW Friends that show me the support I should have been receiving from my so called “friends” that I knew for years.
      I get a great amount of support from STRANGERS these days which is dope af! Twitter and WordPress always shows mad love ❤️

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  3. I definitely have to ageee with thinking that friends would SUPPORT you as a creative. I learned firsthand me rather quickly that my “friends” don’t and refused to help promote it or hype it up. As I began networking I found other creatives who were just as eager to support. Let’s just say those aren’t my friends anymore 😊 if you can’t support me we don’t need to be friends 🤷🏾‍♀️

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    1. EXACTLY SIS! I just don’t see how you can be my “friend” and you DONT SUPPORT ME. It’s just not logical to me and I refuse to have people around me who don’t support me


  4. Girl I love every bit of this!!!!!!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I’ve had these same exact problems. It’s a shame how envious females are. Especially your so called friends lol. Whew chile, I could say so much but you said enough! Very well put!

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  5. “I got you stuck off the realness…..”-Mobb Deep-Shook Ones Part II.
    Damn. That’s the lyrics that came to mind when I read this. I love the precision of how you delivered this. Speaking from the side of men….We have our fair share of sheeps in wolves clothing. Hell, Caine slew Able and here we are. I’m guessing that’s the first known biblical reference to what a hater (also murder, greed, violence and evil) was/is. In a perfect world, there’d be no haters/back biters/snakes in the grass/cut throats etc. I’m that dude that’s happy to see everyone winning. It can be my people, your people, their people and those people. We’re ALL in this together and we only get one shot at this life (that’s a debate for another day). We have the haves and the have not. Those that have it (typically get it for free) don’t want it and those that don’t have it (have to spend and pay for it) die trying to get it. Whether it be in the physical, mental or natural. Which makes me question…….Is this just a part of human nature? Is this something that most humans are born with or is it the conditions (where you live, people we come across, family, situations that make things become reality,etc.)? All women have something about them that makes them beautiful. The one beautiful thing that you all share is being nurtures and the gateway to our world. I have the utmost respect ya’ll and it went even higher (which I didn’t think was possible) when I witnessed the birth of my 7 month old son. The pettiness these days are at an all time high. Sisters…..Love your Sisters. Bros….Love your Bros. All we need is love and the rest will follow. If you have something I want then I’m happy because I know you have it. I’m all about positivity and I carry myself as such. I leave you all by saying: Lead. With. Love. Great Post Dolce Says.

    Sorry for the book, but……Smile.


  6. I agree with you 100% .. over the years I had so many friends I couldn’t even count on two hands. Now I’m 26 yrs old and i can count on one hand how many friends i have.. Too many two faced fake & jelouse females that I cut them all off.! But it’s cool tho.!!!! I wish we could be like the dudes and say sis before niggas lol something like that but that shit don’t work. I’m one of them friends that will ride to the wheels fall off but sadly on a good few see that. The rest of my so called “friends” never got to see that and I’m absolutely cool with that.!! Lol

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    1. Yassss Q!!! So love this comment bc this is ME!!!! You fuckn right! Most of my “friends” never got to see that side of me but it’s cool bc they ain’t deserve it ANYWAYS!!! Sometimes LESS IS MORE.
      Thanks for reading sisss💫


  7. I stan a real talk queen. We need people like you who don’t sugar coat – who tell it like it is ! 🤞🏾✨ And I’m so happy you spoke on an issue that’s becoming such a trend for women and that is to always be in competition with one another. Women see each other as competitors , never wanna help or watch another female win and that ain’t it ! I’m about to share this post because everyone needs to see this

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    1. Thank you sooo much sis!! I appreciate you❤️ definitely not the one to sugar coat shit, I need y’all to really feel me!!!
      At some point we need to let it go and begin to love ourselves so that we can love one another! A lack of self love is why we ain’t winning!!!

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  8. The GIFS were just so accurate! Right before I got to the GIF where Lil Yachty was shaking his head, I was shaking mind and then we ended up doing it simultaneously. 😅 Like I said….the accuracy of the GIFS were on point. This blog post made me reflect a bit on two females I knew of in particular in high school. One I was close to and one I just knew of. The jealousy can be so real. Your post reminds me of the ending to “8 Out of 10” by Drake. If you haven’t heard it, listen to it! The rapper Plies is speaking at the end. It blows my mind how these chicks would rather keep a piece of man than a whole friend. It makes no sense. If we are fighting somebody, let’s fight him! He’s the cheater. He is the wrongdoer in the situation. If we are going to go to jail for beating somebody up, please don’t let the charge be based on beating each other up. It’s just dumb to me. DROP THE HATE AND BEGIN TO LOVE FIRST. I like this because I find myself opening up to others (not too much) and loving first and then feeling much better about the situation if I don’t get love in return. Why? Because I know that I gave all that I could give. On the deepest level, love is the most that I could give. If it didn’t work out, oh well. You are not going to be friends with every chick you come across, but if you are not hating when you see them in real life years later or whenever, it shows that you are not pressed. If you are then, you need to check yourself. By the way, you are definitely not being dramatic. I feel you. Isn’t it crazy how you can get more love from a stranger than your own “friends?” Tuh, and they say don’t talk to strangers. I’d have to disagree. Nah, just don’t associate with the fakes. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Keep ’em coming Dolce!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! Absolutely love your comment. And I agree, can’t do fake friends no more. I refuse to tolerate it. My facial expressions won’t even allow it at this point lol.


  9. This was soooooooooooo on point sis! My circle has diminished so much just over the past year because when I see them “fri bad” for what they really are, I know where to put them and like you said, I been getting so much love and connecting virtually with peeps like you and others and the support is genuine. This was real talk and you right, we do need to come together. There’s enough for all of us to win, help each other as live our best lives! Much love ❤️

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  10. Yes! Another one. Instead of us putting down our sister we should focus on lifting her up ! Acknowledge her dreams and her goals , give advice ! When you see her winning don’t bad talk her but congratulate her! Don’t be bitter be better.

    Yasss another great read ! Continue doing your thing sis!

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