Girls like sex too

I’m tired of the men that dick down 3’s and 4’s, might even CHEAT on they girl WITH that 3 or 4, have a list that could drop to they feet of the hundreds of women they’ve fucked BUT will try to tell women they cannot get they nut.


Then you’ll hear…

” I’m not cuffing no thot” (yet you are one…)


“I can’t take you seriously if you letting any nigga fuck” ( but you want ME to take you seriously when you can’t even COUNT how many women you’ve fucked…)

“We can do it but y’all can’t. It’s not lady like…”





Men actually think that they can enjoy sex whenever with whoever BUT WE CANNOT???

Who makes this shit up anyway?? Whoever did, ya FIRED.

Now, I do believe there is a THIN line between fuckn & hoeing…

gif girls like sex too.gif

Many people get this confused but the reality is, the line is THIN.

gif thats so raven; girls like sex too.gif

If you hoeing (to me) then that means you easy and you literally let EVERY guy fuck.

If you just enjoying your single life, (as a SINGLE woman) casually engaging in sex then that’s NOT HOEING. It’s called LIVING LIFE.

I’d really wish y’all would get it together.

If you’ve ever watched Being Mary Jane then that’s the perfect example of what I mean. Gabriel Union played a black educated boss ass woman that had everything going for her BUT A MAN.

Throughout the show they showed her sleeping with various men and even calling her dick appointment over.


gif judge judy- girls like sex too.gif

Also, I’m tired of men coming for women regarding this particular subject. Y’all are just in your feelings because you finally came across a female that has none! We ain’t all emotionally unstable…



You know, just how y’all do us…

Y’all hate it when we pull a “you” on you right?

Lmaoooooo I know, but listen, not every woman is “in her feelings”

Sometimes we just need PLEASURE. Work was long, I’m mentally and physically exhausted and I need a NUT. It’s very simple. You all take it way too seriously…

Sex is fun and as a grown ass woman I don’t see a problem in a single woman ENJOYING SEX. Sometimes you’re in a mood to get kinky, fuck with handcuffs, dress up in something sexy, role play, try different positions etc. THAT’S ALL OK. We ALL have moods! Wants, desires etc. You should be able to fuck you if I want to and keep it moving, who said sex had to have a meaning other than it being pleasurable? We all adults here right?…

These days I feel like a lot of us are VERY SEXUALLY ACTIVE, so with that being said we should all be on the same page with this topic. Why in 2018 we are still judging women for wanting to get pleased?




Tell me your thoughts!

*Me once I finished typing up this blog waiting for the comments to roll in*giphy (8).gif

33 thoughts on “Girls like sex too

  1. Hey and I totally loved your post. I just started a new blog and if your interested come check it out. It’s a bit bold, sexy and fun. A page for women to read some short erotica stories I wrote. Let me know what you think if you check it out it’s new and a bit different. Thanks 💕

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  2. Dope post! I applaud any woman that embraces her sexuality. I’ve never thought ill of a woman getting hers. Who am I to cast judgment? Women should be applauded for knowing what they want and not be frowned upon by hypocrites. There should be zero fucks given concerning what you do or who you screw (telling my age, but not really…just heard it coming up Lol). That goes for anybody. I also don’t know why anyone can’t come up with a number of how many, but then some people lie……and for what? Everyone’s Mom, Dad, Aunties, Uncles and whatever had lives before we were created….And guess what? They were fucking like rabbits from few partners to many. I know it might be hard for some to fathom or see them in that light, but it’s true. Ain’t nothing new under the sun. The name calling, eyerolling and scarlet letter thing is outdated. For those that don’t like it tell’em to Go Fuck Themselves…..Literally and Figuratively. That is all.


  3. Girl I am feeling your page! Men hate when we use sex like them. We live in a different time, we want sex too! But they are so used to growing up and viewing women as hoes rather than we just enjoy sex. The double standards are real!

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    1. Thank you!!! I’m happy to hear that 😁
      And absolutely they need to get hip!!!Regardless of the time women like sex too! Who’s to say men or women like it more! Your sex drive is a personal preference.
      Facts sis, the double standard are VERY REAL.

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  4. I totally agree. I really hate that double standard. It’s ok for a dude to have sex with multiple women but as soon as a girl do it she a hoe. That shit erkes my nerves fr fr. I recently came to conclusion that I just don’t give a fuck what anybody feel or think of me. So if I wanna go have sex with Tom dick and harry that’s what tf I’m do…. lol not literally but you get what I’m saying. Men get put on a pedestal For what they do and women get dog out that shit ain’t right… but oh well ima do me regardless.. OKURRRR

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  5. It is good to see that women are becomeing more open and comfortable about discussing sex openly. Alot of women are doing it so no point in shying away from it!

    I do feel like you contradicted yourself hugely when you said, ‘ If you hoeing (to me) then that means you easy and you literally let EVERY guy fuck.’ Are you saying women can sleep around, but not ‘too’ much? Women who have casual sex are already deemed ‘easy’ and it’s interesting you use that word because this sounds like your preaching the same message as the men your speaking against in this post. Furthermore as young girls and women we need to change the way in which we speak about sex. Sex is supposed to be a pleasuarble SHARED experience not something women ‘let’ men do to us as.

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    1. I see what you mean and understand how that may sound “contradicting” BUT,
      Digging deeper…
      To me there is a difference. (To me)
      I consider a hoe a woman who doesn’t have any respect for her self or her body. Letting men use and abuse her. Most times it’s probably bc she has some type of inner voids where sex doesn’t necessarily mean pleasure, for her it could be fulfillment.

      Sex still has standards just like everything else.
      We still keeping it classy.

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  6. That Judge Judy gif bwahahahahahhahaahahahahhaaahahhhaah

    Also, to answer your questions, I think many men are afraid of their own reflections. They can’t handle women who call them out on their shit and refuse to gas them up. The ones that are confident, understanding and can handle that constructive feedback are HOT tho..

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  7. *Snaps fingers* Yes girl.. It’s a double standard. We live in a male dominated society so of course some men still believe we’re meant to be bare foot and pregnant, cooped up in the house somewhere stressing over their asses lol It’s history. It was always socially acceptable for men to stick and move, but the moment a woman does the shit she’s a “whore” or “ impure.” Like you said, they just don’t like when the tables turn🤷🏾‍♀️

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    1. Yes it IS! It’s really ridiculous and I hate how society is so brainwashed and accustomed to this foolishness. You grown you do what you WANT, Man or women! You should just be safe and be smart about your decisions


  8. Me & a male coworker was just talking about this. I said as a single women I should be able to fuck when i felt like it.. he’ll especially where we work on my off days I just need a good nut to prepare for one I come back. He was like nah, it’s not cool 🙄 ! Like no, if you can go have sex whenever w. whoever being a single man, so can I being a single woman. 🤷🏾‍♀️

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  9. Spectacular read! It’s 2018 , woman should not have to feel any type a way for wanting to get occasional sex from a man anymore! You are grown so what the hell makes you happy! I enjoyed reading this && it’s about time someone put it out there that WOMAN LOVE SEX TOO!!

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  10. Double standard cause men hate the fact that a woman can play the game better. We have rosters. Have rotations. And we up front with expectations. Something a man can’t do. Men always catch feelings when women are upfront about wanting nothing from them. It hurts.

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  11. Love this post! The double standard has been there since the pages of the bible were written. We men are made to think a certain way, and it will never change. We are very selfish and controlling, its just the truth. I believe people have the right to do wtf they want. I love for a woman to be able to say that “I just want some d”. If u r grown, do what the fuck you want point blank period.

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    1. Thank you so much!!!!
      And I definitely appreciate your comment!! Especially coming from a man. It’s SO TRUE THO! Men are VERY selfish and VERY controlling. They wanna have all the fun while we sit back looking stupid lol. If you grown you can do what you want! Just be wise about your choices! Sex ain’t just for men to enjoy!

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