I don’t love blogging as much as I thought I did…


I mean I do BUTI don’t as much as I thought I did! I have a new found love and that’s PODCASTINGGGG!

When I tell ya’ll that I love it, I REALLY LOVE IT. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to get on there and record whatever I’m feeling at anytime. It’s amazingly therapeutic and I love doing it.

Blogging takes A LOT of work, you have SO much to manage it’s ridiculous. If you don’t believe me just check out this list I put together.


Creating the content



Proof reading

Images, memes, gifs etc

Managing your website

Affiliates, Ads, Marketing etc

Social media management

I mean am I missing anything???



And it’s not that I mind putting in the work because I’ve been doing it for 8 months consistently… BUT.. it is kind of boring ! I don’t enjoy doing it as much as I do podcasting. With podcasting I can be versatile, I can use my voice to express my self, you get more of a.. vibe. You get to REALLY feel me! Soon I’m going to have a co-host or guest on my podcast to really give it some texture so stay tuned for that. It will probably be about “Why black men don’t want black women”, that blog was, and still is A HIT. So yeah ya’ll about to catch these vibes foreal!

Overall it’s just so much more fun and it’s a lot more interactive for me. When I do a podcast I literally think about what I’m going to talk about and press record!



Most times that I record it’s usually late around 1-4 am when I can’t sleep because I have insomnia, THE WORST.

My mind is usually running around those hours of the night and I usually am feeling a lot more at that hour. So for me, I really enjoy being able to press record and speak my mind.

People have always told me I was a good speaker, and many people always came to me for emotional support. With that being said I feel like speaking and being relatable is something I’m really good at and I want to take my talents to podcasting!


But I do want to take a step back from blogging, (just a tad bit) and do more podcast! SO, if you are wondering where I am, I’m probably on iTunes speaking my mind!




Here are my links.


Pocket cast 



So yeah if you guys love my blogs you will love my podcast SO much more! I promise! I have so much to say so I’m planning on rolling out my FOURTH podcast soon! YUP! I’m on a roll!!!!

Any who guys, I want to thank all of you for coming along my blogging journey with me, supporting me and showing me so much love! I hope that you all come along this NEW journey with me as I explore new creative outlets! Thank you SO much for being here and being apart of The Raw Dosage!

If you love my podcast please do subscribe, follow and all that good stuff 🙂




3 thoughts on “I don’t love blogging as much as I thought I did…

  1. Girl i can relate to this post on a spiritual level ! I love letting my voice be heard but the amount of time and effort that goes into blogging can be a bit much at times but i feel like it’s all worth it because it gives up the opportunity to connect with so many different people who may have different or like minded opinions and that can strike up a great conversation!

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    1. absolutely! I totally agree with you! I love the blogging world but like you said it can be a bit much at times. Now that I’m doing the podcast AND I’m working it’s a lot! I’m getting overwhelmed.


  2. Proofreading? Tuh, I can definitely help with that! Oh but then wait….I would already have read the blog before you put it out. Ummmm…..never mind. 🤐 I got really excited when you said you were going to have a guest on your podcast! This is going to be good and interesting! I wouldn’t be surprised if you have A-List celebs come on your podcast in the future. Hint hint….Denzel are you listening…ahem. Ooooh, how I wish you could talk to actress Jenifer Lewis (was diagnosed with bipolar disorder) and Kanye West (have yet to know what in the world is going on). 😩 Anyways, it’s good to know that you are broadening your brand and the more you get your brand out there, the more listeners you will have and the more listeners you have, THE GREATER YOUR INFLUENCE. Keep it up Dolce! One day, someone is going to ask you to be interviewed on their podcast. Just wait on it. 🕟 A surge is coming and that surge is YOU. Your readers and listeners will be waiting patiently as well….I KNOW I WILL! 😌


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