I remember when I wanted to fit in…




That shit is boring.e131bdceb80e9986a886d7ab08150e6f.gif

I’m not gonna lie, it took me a LONG TIME to accept who I was, a majority of this process was also me discovering deep down who I really was. Sometimes we can get lost in the mix, most of us spend too much time trying to “fit in” while keeping up with everyone else and basically become sucked in an illusion. Along the way, losing the most important part of us,

OUR originality.

What so many copycatters out there fail to realize is that people bringing something different and unique to the table are the ones who win.

No one will pay you any attention if you’re doing, acting, writing, blogging, rapping, dressing like everybody else, what will get you noticed is you being uniquely YOU. 

Sadly this generation has turned into just that, A BUNCH OF COPYCATS. That shit is WACK and truthfully, I’m tired of it. Everybody looks the same, acts the same and has the same body type. HOW ALL YALL BUILT THE SAME TOO???


Kylie Jenner lips, Kim Kardashian eyes, Blac Chyna butt, those drawn on eyebrows, Fashion Nova outfits and those LACE FRONT WIGS!


So superficial and ARTIFICIAL.

I USED to be like that…

Now I don’t care, I left my ego behind and ever since I did, my life has truly changed for the better. I care about my appearance but I don’t overindulge in it to the point where I get lost up in the materialistic shit choosing that over what’s important…

I find some peace in putting the materialistic shit on the back burner and spending that money and time on things that are beneficial to me. Like books, supplies, and tools for my office, or things to help me heal.

I remember coming into my early 20’s everybody wanted to club and do wild shit and I wanted to go to the park, have a picnic, or go to a museum, NOBODY WANTED TO DO WHAT I WANTED TO DO. At the time I felt like I had to do what everyone else was because maybe this was what I should be doing, really making me feel like it was a requirement that I do something I wasn’t really comfortable with…


Not everybody likes to have fun the same and deep down inside I’d much rather do something more stimulating to my mind and or creativity.

I start to feel boxed in when I am not doing something that feeds my mind, spirit or creativity, I don’t feel like I’m really being ME.

These days I feel out of place almost everywhere around everybody, when you actually wake the fuck up you start to realize that this is really all an illusion…


The world in my new lenses is so…



You’re probably thinking, what???

Let me explain…

The world in my lenses is weird because everybody acts so…



I can remember times where I’ve had conversations with people about topics they weren’t fully knowledgeable of and they just sat there and looked at me calling me “crazy.”

I’ve had some laugh or even ask me am I high…

Like BRUH.



Anybody that tells me some off the wall shit I’ve never heard of I instantly want to know MORE. Later on, I’ll go and do my own research to find the accuracy.

But on the real, those types of convos are the best, the ones where you can just talk about any and everything to someone without being judged or laughed at.

I find that A LOT of people lack substance and it’s just not flying for me. I don’t just want to talk to you I want to really conversate with you, pick my brain, challenge me, get me RILED UP.

Let’s get high off of our energy, feed me spiritually, VIBE WITH ME. Let’s do some spontaneous adventurous shit, get lost in the moment forgetting we are surrounded by others. Let’s learn together, grow together, talk about our accomplishments and goals. Be weird with me, take off your mask and get comfortable with me…
couple gif.gifSo many people take this gift that God has given us for granted. You are not here just to wake up, work, pay bills, sleep, shit and repeat. We all have a purpose and we all have a job to do whether you realize that or not. There’s MORE TO LIFE MAN.

I like what I like and I’m not changing or dimming my light down for anybody. If you don’t like it well that’s your problem, no pressure.

I appreciate life, animals, nature, culture, music, art, authenticity and people who are passionate about it. I refuse to conform to society’s “norms” by doing or acting in a way that truly doesn’t represent or reflect who I am.

giphy (1).gif


9 thoughts on “YOU DIFFERENT, I LIKE THAT…

  1. I can relate to the part when you say “Let’s get high off of our energy, feed me spiritually, VIBE WITH ME.” It so hard to find people who fully understand that. I love the way you think outside the box. Girl we need to be friends cause it seems like we have the same mindset!

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  2. This reasonated with me on such a deep level. I constantly look back and laugh. I can’t believe I tried to hard to fit in, I say try because I literally tried damn hard and every so often my weirdness would slip out. Now I am finally mask free. I do what I enjoy and I don’t care to fit in or who has a problem with me being my authentic self.

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    1. Ahhh I’m glad, so happy you found this relatable ✨
      We all need to remove our masks and accept ourselves fully so we can live our best lives! Being your authentic self is the best thing you can do for yourself!! Key to happiness💫


  3. O👏🏽kay!👏🏽 You are so right Dolce! As I get older, I actually start to appreciate authenticity from people more because everyone seems to be trying to fit into this little 📦 when frankly there just isn’t enough room! That’s why I am so glad you wrote this blog because it is an indication in telling those people that it’s okay to live and think outside the box! You are you for a reason and how I know that it’s God-given is because you are unique. There are billions of people on this Earth and there is not another you. Guaranteed. I am learning to embrace that to the fullest. I don’t ever want to lose myself because I decided to “conform.” I have never really been the clubbing type and I still enjoy going to museums and to the park. It seems like everybody in their 20s want to either club or party and I’m just not with that. Maybe that’s why I don’t have many friends. Also, there are so many people out there that feel like they have to drink in order to have a good time which is certainly not the case. The people in our generation text better than they do conversing! 🤦🏽 SMH….don’t even get me started. My sister and I always tell each other what you mentioned about there being more to life than just working and paying bills. I WANT TO LIVE; 😣NOT JUST BREATHE. 😥 Well said, Dolce.

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    1. Thank you Bobbi !!
      Definitely it all comes with growth 🌱
      I think that’s what I appreciate the most.
      Also I agree, I don’t want to just live I want to really enjoy the enjoy the experience. That it is!💫
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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