All my life I’ve felt out of place as if I don’t belong like I was from another planet, maybe another universe… Especially unique and vastly different than others around me.

Growing up I had a major disconnection with my family and felt like an outsider, what didn’t occur to me was the truth.





This could be perceived as good or bad based on your perception and feelings. In my case, at the time, I viewed this as being a “bad” thing, in reality, it was perfectly fine to stand out.

There are not many people I get along with and that has nothing to do with me being someone that is hard to get along with because I am VERY EASY to get along with.

Yet, I appear to be unapproachable, mean or even “A bitch” to some who don’t know me but I am FAR from those things.

What I’ve learned along my journey is that my past trauma has deeply impacted my way of thinking, emotions, and decisions which have caused me to be in a defensive state at least 99% of the time.

These traumatic experiences have conditioned me to become sheltered in my behaviors and emotions. Anyone that THINKS they know me truly does not.

If I had to put it in a numerical form I would say out of all the people that truly think they know me (close friends and family) only know 30% of who I truly am.

There’s still that 70% that I haven’t disclosed…

For mainly one reason…


I’ve already tried it. NUMEROUS amount of times. For me, it’s a waste of time and a complete waste of energy which is why I don’t do it. I can usually tell off rip who will get me and who won’t without having to wear myself out. That came with growth of course…

Trying to understand me would be like trying to understand a context of words in Chinese.


The only way it will happen is if you vibrate on my wavelength, and most don’t. Not saying this in an egotistical way but coming from a wholesome and humble perspective, it’s the truth.

I like, no LOVE to use my brain, I like to think, deeply. I’m curious, adventurous in the mind and emotionally involved in almost ALL things. I’m analytical, observant, creative and passionate about things some people won’t think twice about. I’m uniquely gifted and connected to things giving almost everything purpose. I’m loving and extremely passionate about it, something majority of my peers seem to lack.

With all that being said,


As I continue to grow on my spiritual journey I come to realize many things.

One obviously is the separation of the flesh and the soul.

I remember vividly my Aunt telling me that I needed to take all the money I was investing into weave, nails, clothes etc and put it towards my mental health.

Honestly, that was one of the most important things I MISSED.

I spent too much of my time and money investing in things that would ultimately NOT benefit the most important part of me.


Granted, I was young and naive BUT it’s still something worth taking accountability for as an adult.

Along this journey of healing I’ve put everything with materialistic value on the back burner and put the healing of my soul FIRST.

When you die you can’t take your designer clothes, shoes or expensive jewelry with you. The one thing you will be questioned on is the purity of your soul.

That’s what’s most important and that’s what I realized deserves all of my focus.

Once you embark on your journey of spiritual healing I believe you have an awakening as well which is ultimately what I just described.




In my awakening, I’m realizing that naturally, I am disconnecting in many ways.

One way is through social media.

Lately, I have been completely turned off at the idea of sharing my personal moments with strangers online. Occasionally in the past (a few months ago), I would occasionally post my boyfriend on my snap chat but that was about it. Now, that’s something I might do out the blue.

On Facebook, I have no pictures of us up at all, Instagram as well. There was one point where my activity on Instagram was inactive for almost 2 years…

I just feel like I have NOTHING to prove to no one. I don’t have to post how my birthday was or what my boyfriend got me for Valentine’s day to let the world know I am loved. I know what it is.

Social media has become more like a tool rather than a source of validation, happiness or anything else I would account social media for.

If I didn’t have to market my book and blog believe you would never see me.

Another way I found I disconnect is with people. I see through most people and usually don’t see or feel an interest in socializing unless it is beneficial to me in some way. Anything outside of that just feels empty and I don’t entertain it UNLESS there is a real genuine connection that I can vibe with. Equal to a meaningful and passionate friendship etc.

I also disconnect by emotion.

Real shit…


See the thing is, I USED to care, so much more than I should have. But presently I don’t give a total fuck who walks and who stays, the door is open, walk if you choose.

You leaving my life will not hurt me. You not returning my messages, calls etc will not bother me either…

It used to though…

I move on from everything and everybody with little to NO emotion attached.

Yes, I might miss you or think of you but I am not crying over you OR begging you to be in my life.


This may sound harsh to some sensitive people but it’s life.

It’s my reality and I’m content in this space because the reality is…

It’s about ME, 

not you.

The idea of putting my self first is real, and I’m here in the flesh with it.

If you want to flourish in anything you attempt I think that’s the first step and honestly the most critical.

I still love greatly, I still care deeply, I still yearn for solid friendships and longevity in a relationship but I will not tolerate anything less of what I really want.

I appreciate the disconnect because it put things in perspective for me on what’s most important…








14 thoughts on “DISCONNECTED

  1. Interesting read. Although my past experience is most likely completely different to yours, I can relate to some points you wrote of. Maybe to entire idea of being disconnected. I think that with time our priorities change – it is needed sometimes to change attitude to make some progress in life. Focus on yourself first then on people who matter most. Maybe extend it little bit to wider community later. But not other way round – that’s the key, I think,

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  2. “I feel like I am disconnected, from people who are NOT CONNECTED.” I definitely agree with that statement, I feel the same. Thats why I dont voice my opinions amongst most people because they will not get me!

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  3. Omg, you sound just like one of my best friends in the world lol. Me and her go at it all the time lol. She is the most DEFENSIVE WOMAN in the world. I have to choose my words so carefully and if I dont, its time for war. I told her that she must have been traumatized somewhere in her life. Shes very secretive, but she has started to give me bits and pieces of what happened. She spends massive amounts of money on material things, you would think that she was a millionaire. I totally understand not wanting or needing to put all of your business on social media, I have to stopped posting alot of my everyday moves. I try to use them for my blog and creativity only. If I meet some cool people along the way cool, if not, its still cool. I dont feel like you are disconnected, I feel like the people around you are. What you described to me is normal, and there are not alot of normal people in the world. This world is ass backwards, and it celebrates dumb shit! Its ok to think deeply, be passionate, and emotional about things. Ok Im done, another long comment! 😁


    1. I am very defensive by nature but I realized that’s because I am a highly sensitive being. A lot of it does come from the trauma as well, that shit will literally rewire your brain.
      I feel like I am disconnected, from people who are NOT CONNECTED. From things that serve no purpose to my spirit or mind.
      I agree, what I described is normal just not to society because they are “disconnected” from what’s real and what’s an illusion. The world is definetley as you say “Ass backwards” for sure!!
      Thanks for reading!!


  4. I loved reading about how you’ve grown so much. It’s also very relatable what you said about not feeling like youre the same as your family and how you said that you felt initially it was a bad thing. I went through a very similar situation myself. I hope you keep learning and growing like this in the future too 🙂

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  5. I really liked reading this. I feel like a lot of people experience some sort of disconnection, whether they are vocal about it or not. It was just really interesting reading your disconnect and what it means for you in your life! Laying down materialistic stuff in exchange for healing your soul really resonated with me, also!

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