Let me start by saying LA was EVERYTHING I imagined and then some! I stayed at an Airbnb in Hollywood which was only a few blocks from the famous walk of fame, nightlife, malls, and restaurants etc. The location really couldn’t have been better.

I was excited to go to California because it’s always been on my bucket list but what I disliked was the fact that I had to take a plane to get there lol. I HATE PLANES. The idea of me being 20-30,000 feet in the air is just not ok. I mean God forbid something happens up there it’s over. I try not to be negative when it comes to things like that but my anxiety sometimes gets the best of me sadly. Any who, I hate planes and I feel totally unsafe that high in the sky. The last time I flew was 2014 to Miami, FL from NYC which was a 4 hour flight.

I cried on take off ya’ll


I had my shades on looking out the window just watching how the people and buildings got smaller and smaller and I was just like “Oh jesus”

tears just started falling from my diva shades. I was a mess lol.

*Flying over NYC


Back to Cali tho. The flight going there was about 9 hours.



It was tight, uncomfortable and TIGHT. I couldn’t get comfortable for shit. Somehow I managed to fall asleep though which was good. So yeah, the only time I actually had any real anxiety was on the plane going to and from LA. When I actually landed and walked out that airport oh man, it was just perfect. The air was refreshing, the breeze was cool and the temperature was RIGHT. I especially LOVE the palm trees!


At that point I had literally forgotten all about my “anxiety”. I was more concerned about exploring the ins and outs of Cali which seemed like paradise to me coming from Virginia. I enjoyed EVERY MOMENT of LA! They had great food, really nice people and GOOD WEATHERRRRR! I had a connecting flight from VA to Newark, NJ and when I landed everyone in Jersey was looking me up and down like what the hell is this girl wearing. Its still cold on the east coast so people were still wearing coats and boots lol. I passed some people that didn’t speak english but appeared to be talking about me because they were pointing and laughing but little did they know I was going to the WEST COAST BITCHESSS.

*My outfit going to LA


The second day in Cali was when I felt the real elevation, I felt like I was high off life, I was settling in and starting to feel like a real Californian haha. Being out there felt like I had a set of new lenses to view life. I was calm and totally STRESS-FREE. I honestly can’t put my finger on what exactly made me feel this way but I believe it was a combination of things. California is just a really beautiful place. People say that you shouldn’t rely your happiness on a person, place or thing and I agree but I also do believe that your environment does play a big role in your behavior and overall way of feeling and thinking. You ever feel like you just wanna start over? Leave your current job, place of residence and relocate to a totally different city and state? Yeah, that’s how I feel now living in Virginia and going to Cali only made me realize that; that’s where I wanted to relocate to. I felt at home. Many people on social media told me “I look like I fit right in” and I truly felt that way lol.


*I’m a West Coast girl now…lol

More about Cali…

The beach:

I took a trip out to Venice beach which was about 45 mins from Hollywood. It was a cool drive, just a significant amount of traffic. I heard the stories about California traffic and trust me, THEY NOT LYING. They have a 6 lane highways for a reason. During their rush hour traveling somewhere that might take 30 minutes can literally take you an hour to one hour and a half. I’m not even over exaggerating people, it’s crazy. But anyways, the beach was GREAT! VERY LIVELY and active! The strip has all kinds of great food, rooftop restaurants and places where you can rent bikes, scooters, roller-skates, skateboards etc. Very limited street parking BUT, they have a beach parking lot for only $9 bucks which was really cool.

Again, I went the end of March and it was VERY WINDY AND COLD OUT THERE. I definitely should have wore pants LOL.


*Behind me is the strip and all of the food vendors

The strip (Hollywood walk of fame):

I was kind of surprised when I got to the strip because it didn’t really look like it does on TV LOL. It’s a little on the tacky side but definitely decent when you walk a bit more into it. I seen a lot of homeless people and drug addicts (actually, literally seen a guy shooting up) … anyways lol the strip was LIVE! A lot of bars (outside ones too) restaurants, shops, and street painters. As I was walking home ending my night at around 3 am more people seemed to be coming out, and I thought New York was the city that doesn’t sleep….



*I was supposed to wear heels with this outfit but my feet was hurting from just walking around the house lol. Slides it is…


If you are traveling in the area and love seafood I definitely recommend going to The Drunken Crab which is located at 13350 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, CA 91605. I ordered their cajan shrimp and snow crab leg bag and it was SOO GOOD! The flavor in that bag is just unbelievable. If you’ve ever been to The Boil in NYC, it’s 1,000 X better than that! (No shade) lol

A good spot for some tacos was Taco Mesa which was close by Santa Ana airport. The owner was really friendly and suggested good food. I got avocado tacos with chicken and shrimp, my boyfriend got a chicken and steak burrito that he said was really good. They have and outside area to eat and have been around for 19  years!

*In the picture below you can see it behind me

For GOOD but EXPENSIVE chinese food in Hollywood try Le Oriental Bistro! Really good authentic clean tasting food. It’s a small spot that you can dine in at or take out. I ordered shrimp lo mien which was good, the shrimp were jumbo to my surprise and it was A LOT of them in there as well. My boyfriend ordered chicken wings and shrimp fried rice which came separate and was also A LOT of food. When were going to pay for our food the cashier said our total was $30.00 and I was shocked, something like that in NYC or even where I’m at now in VA is about $15.00 the most. We didn’t realize how big the portions were until we got home which turned out to be worth it. Again good but expensive lol.

Also if you’re out in LA and wanna get high lol (because it’s LEGALL there) go to Zen Noho which is located at 5142 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601. Dope people and really good selection of stuff. Buds, Edibles, oils, drinks everything. Prices are good but that TAX THO! Be ready lol. I spun the wheel and end up winning $25 dollars haha, definitely a cool place to check out.

Well that’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed this post! Here are some more pics from my trip.




*In front of the infamous IN-N-OUT. That food was good! Order the animal fries


*I made my boyfriend make a u-turn so I could take this picture lol. The fries and drink on top was coooool







  1. I’ve been to Cali 4 times and this made me want to hop on a plane and go back. I love it out there, don’t know if I could ever live there but it definitely holds a place in my heart as one of the places I love to go visit! Glad you had a nice trip!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was born and raised in NorCal and I moved to Florida to work for Disney for a few years and now I’m in TX.

    I’ll tell you this: I MISS SEEING PALM TREES EVERYWHERE lol you don’t know what you had until you don’t got it no more!

    I never really got to explore SoCal as much as I would had liked. I hope when I do fly back there I’ll be able to this time!

    Also, my boyfriend hates planes. But he got on a 2 hour flight from TX to FL to spend my birthday week with me. Getting him on ANOTHER flight though? Yeah it’s taking some work lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ha ha…I feel like I just had a virtual tour of Cali and I want to go even more now! Ugh! I am not surprised about the expensive part. I heard the gas is over $4 a gallon! I couldn’t live out there, but I am definitely down for a visit because going there has always been on my bucket list. I am so glad you enjoyed it and that you were anxiety-free! That’s your spot! There is no doubt about it. That is where you are supposed to be and I have no doubt in my mind that you won’t get there. It never rains in southern California….and they teeeeeell meeeeee (in my Tony Toni Tone voice) Ha! Because the weather is niiiiice!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lmfao, whenever I fly, I force myself to go to sleep as the plane ascends into the air—by the time we’re done taking off, I’m knocked out. I can’t handle it (especially if there’s turbulence)!

    Isn’t it breathtakingly beautiful there?!!? I miss living in SoCal so much! I have a (potential) visit planned this summer—I am so excited! You totally look like you belong! I am so glad you got to experience Cali… it’s truly like no other place on earth. Cheers to traveling!

    Dom |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmaoo GIRL it’s the WORST! I want to travel around the world but how I’m gon do that and I don’t like planes 😩I’m not gonna like I wasn’t as scared as I was wen I flew to Miami but still scurrred😭 I’m getting better tho.
      And YAS it was BEAUTIFULLLLL omg . I was so emotional going home😭
      When I go back to it will be to LIVE!! I’m thinking next year November.
      Cheers to Cali 🥂

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