First blog post. (The Uncertainty of the unknown)


It’s late, and I’m just here thinking. I’m flicking through Netflix trying to find something I can connect with, something that comforts me, something I can get unraveled in. Tonight, I’m unlucky…

It’s the 4th day since I lost my job of 4 years, maybe that’s causing the overthinking. I had goals, I had plans, and life seemed to be coming together. I was fighting through my depression and finally seeing some results. Then they cut me lose… my goals shattered in that moment, wow. What now?

Well now, I’m free.

Sometimes we get too consumed with the lives we’ve created we forget who we are. That creative, lively, intelligent being you haven’t tapped into lately because you’ve been working overtime and focused on that one thing that makes us get out of bed in the mornings.

When I take time to think about things, I’m actually pretty happy I lost my job. Now I have time to focus on what’s important. Me. My dreams, my goals, and my happiness.

I can finally start blogging and work on finishing my first book. My goal in life is not to make my CEO richer than he already is while I sit back and receive crumbs. The goal is to one day BECOME the CEO.

What may seem like a loss may actually be a Win.



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28 thoughts on “First blog post. (The Uncertainty of the unknown)

    1. Ok, now I see it, it shows on my computer, before I open up the actual post. While I’m reading I don’t see a place to like. I thought the like button was at the end of page. Also don’t it on app. I would like people to be able to access that!


      1. Yes I am! The app is great but some features aren’t added I see. From my computer I can see the like button where my published items are. Just not as a reader if that makes sense. Another blogger brought it to my attention now here I am at 2am on my computer trying to find a like button when I should be sleeping lol.


      2. I figured it out ! thanks for taking the time to help me !
        Also I took a look at your blog post and you have some very good topics/content I will be reading once I get some rest lol. I’m an introvert my self and I struggle with anxiety. In my future blogs I will be discussing those topics! feel free to follow me!

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    1. Wow, Thank you Chris! Yes throughout this post was a self realization. Life is what you make it. What seemed like a loss was easily turned into a win, it’s really all about your perspective. Thanks for reading. Subscribe for more! I’ll be posting soon !!!


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